I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay so much, Kimberly. I’m sure it must have been a bit nerve-wracking venturing into your first AirBnB experience. I’m delighted that I could make you feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely review. I’m happy to hear that the soft cotton sheets and your special detergent made for a comfy bed that did not aggravate your allergies and that the extra router I fortuitously had just installed in your room (so guests can have super high-speed internet) was beneficial for your work. You are welcome to come back with open arms. You are a true delight to have in our home!

Deena! I know you must be still suffering from jet-lag and can’t BELIEVE you mustered up the energy and found the time to write such a thorough and extremely flattering review! I’m truly thankful for your kind words and for the privilege of having you as a guest in my home. Your extraordinary smile that beams constantly was a joy to behold. I thoroughly enjoyed the laughter, chatter and witnessing the warm hugs goodbye between you and the other guest that was here during your stay. As the Airbnb saying goes, “With Airbnb people start out as strangers and leave as friends.” Hi Jessica, if you are reading this! Thank you so very much again for the lovely feedback. If you return to LA, you know there will always be a place for you in my Airbnb.

Thank you for your delightful review, Ellen. I think it’s so important that guest get exactly what they are expecting, plus a few extra special touches! 😉 I’m glad you and David enjoyed your time in my home and that you had such a lovely visit with your son. Glad you got back home safe and sound. I look forward to seeing you both again!

WOW, Laura! I can see that you are truly cut out to be the journalist you are studying to be back in Switzerland. What a thorough and incredibly thoughtful and flattering review! We all enjoyed having you with us. I think the part that touched me the most was “she was always very caring but not too much, just that it was comfortable for everyone.” I’m SO glad you felt that because I am very careful in gauging what level of interaction feels just right for a guest. A guest does not want to feel they HAVE to talk to a host. Some like to talk more than others. I am here to make the guest’s experience the best possible, not to have someone to talk to. While I do enjoy speaking with my guests, the type and length of conversation is determined by them and my role as an Airbnb host is to effectively sense what would work best for the guest. It’s really just about being the kind of person who at their core is sensitive to the needs of others. I don’t have to try to be that, it’s just who I am. But I am SO grateful that it made a difference to you and that you enjoyed your stay so much. Bless your heart for writing such a sweet and touching review and thank you again for staying with me. It was an absolute delight having you, as I wrote on the review I wrote about you. You are welcome to stay with me anytime and I look forward to seeing you again. All the best with your continued travels and your schooling. Warmest regards, Sue P.S. Patchie and Dexter say “woof.” They aren’t very good at typing on a keyboard so I’m saying hello for them 😉

Thank you so much, Tia! I often get asked by people interested in Airbnb hosting what it takes and I always say that it’s important that one is naturally very tidy and keeps their home very clean at all times….even if nobody is there to see. OCD comes in handy sometimes. LOL 😉 Thank you for your kind words. I have to say that while I have been blessed with an exceptionally large number of truly delightful guests, I was struck by what a wonderful and lovely spirt you have. You shine very bright, Tia and you bring warmth to all those you shine your light on. I was also very impressed with your work ethic and your talents and have no doubt you will continue to rise in the television production ranks. They are lucky to have you, as was I.

Thank you so much, Katerina! I truly enjoyed hosting your lovely daughter. You have done a great job in raising her. She was so polite, so independent and such a pleasure to be around. I do hope you get a chance to come to LA sometime. Of course you and Alika would be most welcome to stay with me. I’m glad I was able to put your mind at rest. I know how worried you were having Alika travel so far away from home, on her own, at such a young age. As a mother myself, I could put myself in your shoes. I knew how important it was to help you not worry and for your daughter to have the kind of care I would hope someone would give my child in the same situation.

Narelle: Honestly I can’t express how much I have enjoyed having you and Eden staying with me. While I shared my sentiments about your stay with me in your review, I’ll never tire of telling you how lovely I think you both are and how you are welcome in my home anytime with open arms!

Ahh, thanks so much Sam. It was a true pleasure hosting your parents. I lost my father a few years ago and in some way in talking to your father-in-law, it made me feel like I was having a chance to talk to my Dad again. I guess them being from the same generation, much of the decorum was similar. It was quite touching for me to talk to him. Your mother-in-laws was a delight too. So gracious and easy going. I’d be delighted to see them both again. Glad it was a help and they enjoyed their visit, including meeting their very first grandchild! Congrats on your new baby!

Hi Inbal: I am most honored by your glowing review. Thank you for writing it in English. I know writing is always much harder than speaking another language. I know when you said “my bad” you meant “my bed.” LOL. It was a true pleasure making your first AirBnB experience such a pleasant one. You were like having my own daughter in the house. I truly look forward to having you back again. I hope you have settled back home in Israel nicely and that I’ll see you again on your next vacation to Los Angeles.

Thank you for the lovely review, Laura! And I have you to thank for one very special candle that you so graciously brought for me when you returned from Europe for your second stay with me. I truly cherish it and your time with us. There are very few young ladies who are true ladies and you are most certainly one. Such poise, beauty and such flawless manners…not to mention tidy! 😉 If I ever get a chance to meet your mother I will certainly compliment her on how well she brought you up. It was my pleasure to host you and we are so glad you were able to join us all for our celebrations. Thank you for helping us to make some more great memories. Guests like you are one of the many reasons why I love being an Airbnb host.

Thank you for the lovely review, Pouya. It brings me great pleasure knowing that my guests are comfortable and happy. I do respond quickly, as I feel it is a courtesy not to keep people waiting. Looking forward to having you again this week!

Thank you for the lovely review, Peter. As I said in your review, we really enjoyed having you and will truly miss you when you’re gone. And thank you so much for the recommendation about the Nespresso machine. It truly is the Cadillac of coffee makers. I’m really glad we can now offer such a great cup of espresso and/or coffee to guests. I’m also glad you share your preference for the type of sheets you like. I really appreciate when guest make recommendations and I do my best to always follow through on them when they are such great ideas like yours. So now I can not only offer guests a great cup of coffee, but I can also offer them either 100% pure cotton L.L. Bean flannel sheets OR the 1000 thread count Percale sheets! But back to missing you when you are gone. It was a real delight having you and I look forward to hosting you again. We’ll be sure to tuck your Letter P mug away for you for the next time 😉

I’m delighted to hear you were so pleased with your stay, Annemeike. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely review. It helps others considering booking in my home, know what to expect from the experience. I look forward to welcoming you again.

Thank you for staying with me, Thami and for writing such a nice review. You were such a lovely guest and I really enjoyed having you. I am sad your visit had to be shortened, but perhaps you might need to come back again sometime. All the best!

Ahhhhh, thank you Lois! I really appreciate your thoughtful review and am so glad you enjoyed staying in my home as much as I enjoyed hosting you! All the best!

Thanks so much for your kind words, Andrew. I’m glad I could offer a place to lay your head comfortably, Christmas night. You are welcome in my home anytime and look forward to having you again.

Thank you, Robin. I am glad I could make your stay a pleasant one. I know it was a difficult time for you. I hope things get better very soon. All the best to you and Mike.

Thank you so much, CaliRose. It was a pleasure having you. Thank you for the incentive to get a lounge chair for guests. So glad you enjoyed your stay and your comfy room.

Oh my GOODNESS, Amber! What an absolutely humbling review. How sweet of you.!!!! I’m so glad to have made your very first Airbnb experience a positive one. Airbnb truly is a fantastic way to travel. It’s so enriching for both guest and host. I’m delighted it has all worked out for you and that you were so comfortable in your cozy yellow room. I look forward to continuing to host you for your upcoming stay!

Glad you returned to Germany safe and sound. Sorry to hear you are still suffering from jet lag. Get some rest! I would be more than happy to host you again.

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica! I’m honestly moved to tears by your review. I am humbled, truly. It’s knowing that I can make a difference to guests like you that warms my heart and fills it with pride. I have so many lovely young ladies who stay with me – all of whom come to the City of Dreams full of hope and brave ambition. I consider it an honor to provide just the right amount of hospitality and nurturing (without being imposing) to each and every one. It was heartwarming to see both you and Deena eating lunch, chatting and laughing away in my kitchen together….where only days before you were strangers and now you were sharing your stories and hopes for your futures. THIS is what Airbnb is all about and THIS is why I am an Airbnb Host! It’s also why I became the self-appointed “Airbnb Expert” so I can help others get the most from their Airbnb experience(s) too. How I love Airbnb and how delightful it was to have you in my home. If you return to LA and need a spot to launch from, you will always be welcome in my home. The pleasure of your stay was entirely mine! I’m SO glad your experience with me was top-notch. I can’t say enough to thank you! I hope to see you again.

Hi Betz! I’m glad you and Taum had such a lovely visit with your family. Your grandson is BEYOND adorable. I even offered to sit him to your daughter-in-law I was so taken by his charms. Thank you for staying with me and for the lovely review. It was a pleasure hosting you both and meeting your family.

Derrick, I am VERY touched by your exceptionally kind review. My efforts to make my guests happy are NEVER driven by a desire for gratitude – they are truly driven by my earnest wish for my guests to feel welcome and very comfortable. I want my guests to experience a clean, fresh and quiet spot where they can rest, relax and not be disturbed by lots of household noise and smells. I’m delighted that you had such a successful trip and I have no doubt you will yield great feedback from your showcase. Thank you again for taking the time to write such flattering remarks. I am so glad to hear you’ll be reaching out when you come back to LA. We know you’ll have reason. This is where people become stars! 😉

Thank you, Komes. Because of your suggestion, we put an additional router in the room you stay in so guests would have super hi-speed internet in that room since the speed was slowing as the signal traveled across the house. I really appreciated your feedback and am glad you enjoyed your stay, even more, this time. Should you stay at our home again, I’ll do my best to top it… maybe extra treats in your gift basket!? LOL. Nice seeing you again and thank you for taking the time to write a review once more.

LOL. “Sappier version.” Let’s not even talk about the unbelievably touching card you left for me. That one brought tears. So lovely spending another 4 weeks with you and appreciate your kind words. Looking forward to your return to The City of Dreams!

Thank you Kimberly. I know how challenging it can be to live with skin allergies, so I’m more than happy to do what I can to ensure that your skin and you are happy during your stay. I know my guests really enjoy the soft, 100% cotton flannel sheets and duvet that I use on the beds. While everyone loves how downy fresh the sheets smell, some people do have sensitive conditions like yours that require special treatment. Thanks for introducing me to that special laundry product. I’ll be sure to keep it on hand for your next stay. Oh, and I’ll be sure to provide you with the gluten free gift basket again 😉 Glad that worked out! I felt bad during your first stay that you could not indulge in all the treats I put in your basket, due to your gluten intolerance. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Thank you Rachel. Loved having you and your sister with me again. So glad you enjoyed your stay and looking forward to having you again! You make your mom and Dad proud. You are both lovely ladies!

It was great having you back, Pouya! You feel like one of the family now. The proof is that the dogs reacted with a “we missed you” greeting. Glad you enjoyed the memory foam. Some people prefer a softer mattress, some firm. The memory foam really comes in handy in accommodating guests mattress preferences. Hope you enjoyed the new towels and bath mats and the extra heater in the bathroom too! Mornings can be chilly in the winter in California and showering in a cool bathroom is THE WORST! 😉 Hope to host you again if you are ever back in town.

Thank you, Carol! I look forward to another visit!

Thank you, Amber. I’m so glad it’s all working out for you. I’m so impressed with all the young ladies coming from places all over the country to make a life in LA. It gives me great pleasure giving you and them and you a homey and welcoming spot to land and get acclimated. Amazing to think that not that many years ago women were not allowed to do such thing! We’ve come a long way baby! (The old folks like me will understand that reference. LOL). It has been an absolute pleasure hosting you!

Hi Chris, you have a second calling as a writer because you had me smiling from ear to ear reading your review. Although I must admit to also blushing from your flattering commentary. Thank you SO much for your kind words. It truly warms my heart to know that I could make a beautiful lady’s visit with her dear friend just that much better. The dogs miss your loving greetings when you came through the door. In fact, they are still asking about you! 😉 Woof! LOL, You are more than welcome to stay at my home anytime. Double the Milk Duds for YOU next time! 🙂 Thanks you again for choosing to stay with me and for your charming review.

Dear Claire: While your “list” of my efforts is flattering, I’m most touched to know that you regarded me as “host mom.” As you know I don’t have a daughter, so it was special to share this time with you. As I wrote in your review, you are an exceptionally impressive young lady. You should be so proud of all you have accomplished. You truly have a bright future and anyone that has you as an employee will be very fortunate. I am certain that many years from now I’ll be telling someone about some incredible position/job you have and marveling (I might even throw in a little bragging) about how you once stayed with me. I’m happy I was able to be a comfy and supportive spot to transition into an exciting new chapter of your life. I wish you all the best and hope you stay in touch. Especially since you are now living in the same city. Thank you again for you kind words and for staying with me.

Thank you for your sweet review, Diane! As I mentioned when you left and I walked you out to your Uber, I felt like my daughter was going off to college! I am SO proud of you for all you accomplished, moving to a new city and landing a job and permanent accommodations all in THREE WEEKS! As I said to you, your parents have every reason to be proud! I thoroughly enjoyed hosting you. You were a model guest. Best of luck and do stay in touch!

Hannah My Dear! The only thing more wonderful than your review is YOU! How incredibly sweet of you to write such a thorough and flattering review. I know it was difficult to be 3000 miles away from your family while staying in an Airbnb for the very first time. I’m so glad I was able to help make you feel welcome and truly part of the family. We were grateful to have the chance to meet you and spend time with that kind heart of yours. Not so mention how much fun it was to hear your incredible ability to remember birthdays and laugh at your great sense of humor. We think of you each day every time we pull into the driveway and see the bike you so kindly left behind for a needy Airbnb guest. I’ll forever cherish your sweet thank you card and the memory of seeing you ride off on your purple bike wearing your white helmet on your way to your internship with the producers of The Simpsons TV show. You are a lovely young lady and were a true pleasure to host. I do hope we have the chance to welcome you again.

You are most welcome Khloe! I hope your travels and your dancing continue to go smoothly. I so enjoy all the dancers that visit me from all over the world. You were such a lovely guest and true delight to host. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience in my home.

I’m so glad I was able to make your first Airbnb experience such a positive one and that you were so happy with your stay, Heather! Airbnb is growing so fast, but there are still lots of people who are considering trying Airbnb for the first time – so it’s really helpful for people to read reviews from people who have recently joined the Airbnb community. It was a complete pleasure hosting and so happy that you have decided to pursue your heart’s desires. I wish you the very best in achieving your dreams!

I’m truly touched by your review and even more humbled by your faith in me to host your son for the summer.Tim is such a fine young man and you have done an exceptional job in raising him. Thank you again for the kind review and for staying with me.

Thank you so much, Lexi! Leaving home for the first time can truly feel daunting. When you pulled up to the house with your car all loaded up, I thought, “They should make a Ford commercial featuring you driving all the way from Kansas to LA in pursuit of your dreams!” I truly consider it to be a privilege to provide lovely young ladies like you with a comfortable and safe place to begin the next chapter of their lives. This is one of the many reasons why I love Airbnb. Without Airbnb, I could not enjoy the rewards of making things “just right” for my guests, and young people like you would not have someone there who truly cares to watch over them a bit and help them with all the little things there are to learn when on your own for the first time… Not to mention all the things there is to learn in a new town… Thank you for choosing me to be your host and for your very sweet review. I really appreciate it and the chance to get to know you. I am certain that you have a bright future ahead and I look forward to going to one of my weekly movies and seeing you co-starring next to Jennifer Lawrence on the silver screen someday.

Hi Marilia: I’m so glad I was able to make your first Airbnb experience such a positive one. Welcome to the Airbnb community! I hope you and your daughter enjoyed the rest of your trip and hope to see you both again. Thank you for staying with me and for sharing your experience with others. You were both an absolute pleasure.

Hi Lucy: I’m so glad I was able to make your first foray into Airbnb a positive experience. Thank you so much for your very sweet review. I t was a delight hosting you and that lovely daughter of yours. I can’t believe how mature she is and how accomplished at such a young age. Thank you too for letting me reminisce about Licorice Allsorts, Crunchie Bars, Coffee Crisps and good old Tim Horton’s of course! I’m so glad it all worked out for you both and that you made some special memories in LA. I’m honored to be a small part of them and look forward to seeing you both again sometime.

Thank you, Komes. I’m glad you were comfortable and had a nice stay. Nice meeting you and hope to see you again.

OMG, Michelle! My eyes literally teared up when I read your review. It means SO much to me to make my guests feel welcome and comfortable. I’m so glad I was able to do that for you and it truly touches me to know that I made a difference. I have many young dancers like you stay with me because of all the world-renowned dance studios in the area. MANY, like you, have never stayed in an Airbnb and are nervous about it. So it is truly helpful for them to read experiences like yours so they too can say, “If other guests enjoyed their stay, I should give it a shot.” Thank you so much for your very kind words about me. Patch and Dingo say “woof” to thank you for your nice words about them too. They are not very good on a keyboard so asked me to write to thank you for all the loving pats you give them. Looking forward to to the next part of your stay and will do my very best to ensure it is as pleasant as the first part.

I’m glad you enjoyed your first ever Airbnb experience, Murat. I’m honored that you’d like to return to my home, should you return to my area. I hope the remainder of your trip is enjoyable and that you have a pleasant return to Turkey.

Gaëtane et Roger. Je ne peux pas vous dire combien je suis touché par votre avis. Il est vraiment réchauffé mon cœur d’avoir une petite touche de La Belle Province dans ma maison. Je suis tellement heureux que vous senti tellement à l’aise dans ma maison. Si jamais je retourne au Canada, je aimerais venir visiter. Je suis certian que vous me faire sentir comme accueilli comme je suis heureux d’ entendre que je ai fait vous vous sentez. Je espère que vous apprécierez le reste de vos vacances.

Ha, thanks, Stacey. I hear you about the airport (although I don’t hear it anymore). But we sure are handy for those that like to fly out of Burbank Airport. LOL! I’m glad you were so happy with your stay. I’m delighted to hear you’ll be returning. You and your lovely daughter are most welcome anytime. I really enjoyed having you!

Thank you so much, Nicole. I loved having you and Tammy. So much fun for me to see young people traveling around the world. I very much look forward to having you both again. Glad you are having such a nice trip.

Thank you, Kat.

Thank you for such kind words, Michelle. It was a pleasure hosting you both. I’m so glad to hear you were so comfortable and enjoyed your stay (and the 60 inch plasma TV! LOL). Glad you liked the roomy bathroom too. Everyone loves that big walk in glass shower! You and your boyfriend are welcome back anytime. You were both model guests and I appreciate you choosing to stay in my home. 🙂

Thank you Zarah. I’m glad I was able to scramble to accommodate James and that it all worked out well. I do my very best to respond extremely promptly to guests. Best of luck with his movie!